From Strippers to Swingers: The 10 Sexiest Movies on Showtime

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Can’t winter just be over already? Not only are we all still dealing with a pandemic (wear masks and get vaccinated y’all), we’re also unable to go out for a nice, socially-distanced walk around the block without putting on snow boots. We need things to heat up significantly!

But y’know, that’s where Showtime can help out. If you’re looking to turn up the heat, you can’t go wrong with some frisky, freaky, fun movies in Showtime’s steamy streaming library.  Whether you want to escape to somewhere sunny, like Palm Springs or Florida, or spend some time in the hustle and bustle of New York City, Showtime has your bags packed and tickets booked. Get ready for a good time—or maybe, uh, a sexually intense and emotionally fraught time, if you pick some of these movies.

Still, no matter how these stories end, people are definitely getting theirs and turning up the heat in all of these movies. So what are you waiting for? It’s dark outside and you have nothing to do tonight, tomorrow, or the day after that. It’s time to relax with Decider After Dark.


Rising star Nico Tortorella stars in this sexy, 21st century drama about ten millennials hooking up in New York City via all the apps and DMs that have become essential on the dating scene. One thing’s for sure: when a movie’s centered around today’s young adults getting it on, fluid is the name of the game.

‘Spring Breakers’

Indie auteur Harmony Korine dirtied up a cast of former tween stars (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson) for this extreme crime film about a bunch of college kids who turn to crime in order to fund the wildest spring break ever. How wild is this movie? James Franco plays a drug and weapons dealer who becomes a very bad influence on the girls. If you’re looking for a movie where a dude goes down on a pistol, look no more.

‘Palm Swings’

The title says it all: Palm Swings follows a couple’s marriage as it is turned upside down following their big move to Palm Springs and the discovery that their neighbors are highly experienced swingers. Nudity, threesomes, public sex—this movie goes there.

‘About Cherry’

James Franco stars as a lawyer in a lavish relationship with a young woman (Ashley Hinshaw) who is both new in town and breaking into San Francisco’s porno scene. Cherry’s entryway into this salacious world comes via an ex-porn star turned director, played by Heather Graham. Come on—it’s a movie about strip clubs and pornography. You know what you’re in for, here!


Jennifer Lopez’s superstar performance in the critically-acclaimed Hustlers is more than just a sexy good time. This movie is a ferocious condemnation of capitalism and classism and a celebration of women who get shit done. It just so happens that these badass women also know how to shake it on stage.

‘All I See is You’

Blake Lively and Jason Clarke star as Gina and James, a couple whose entire relationship is turned upside down when a surgical procedure restores Gina’s sight. What follows is a psychological game where all feelings, even reality, is questioned. And, duh, these two keep getting it on in an attempt to rekindle what they had. There is a sex club involved! But wouldn’t you know it, Gina may have her eyes on someone else…

‘Body of Deceit’

Kristanna Loken, Sarai Givaty, and Antonio Cupo star as a dangerously close trio in this Mediterranean erotic thriller. The two women’s lives become entangled when Sara (Givaty) is hired to help out around the house. Pretty soon her duties become taking care of more than just the house. She starts to really take care of Loken’s depressed writer… and that’s just the beginning.

‘Blow Out’

Brian De Palma’s steamy thriller Blow Out pairs John Travolta and Nancy Allen for a deadly story. Travolta plays a sound effects tech who unknowingly records audio of a political assassination. The movie he’s working on is itself a sexy slasher flick with lots of scintillating imagery. And beyond that, the film’s Hitchcock-ian style and smoldering lead couple make it worth a watch.

‘Perfect Sense’

While in the midst of a global pandemic that’s robbing people of their senses, an epidemiologist (Eva Green) and a chef (Ewan McGregor) begin a sensual affair. And then everyone in the world starts losing their senses, one after the other. Maybe this one’s a tough watch considering the way the world is right now! Or maybe some sex scenes between Green and McGregor are just what the doctor ordered.


This dramedy stars Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Kelly Sry as two porn actors who work as mopes—basically the other guys in adult films. The pair became a dynamic duo in the porn industry, until tragedy—involving a sword—struck. Oh—and all of this is based on a true story. Forget fictional movies about the adult film industry. This one’s the real deal.

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